Update 30th Nov





Answers to the statement and actions document have now been provided by the relevant parties. The answers can be viewed here.




18th Nov 2014




At the April Public Meeting RBWM, Thames Water and the Environment Agency agreed to implement a procedure to alert authorities/our community each time storm effluent is discharged from Slough STW.   TW/EA also agreed to consider alternative routes for storm effluent including discharging directly into the Jubilee River.  A further meeting would be held in the Autumn to update residents on actions taken and proposals to alleviate the storm emissions.


It was assumed flood water levels would recede and watercourses would fully  recover. However, as the hot, dry summer progressed issues were experienced throughout the village:


• Roundmoor and Boveney Ditches maintained water levels 2ft above seasonal levels, continuously breaking banks until beginning of October


• Water backed up over Roundmoor defence into Colenorton and Common Brooks resulting in stagnant water in the centre and to the north of the village.


• Lakes were apparent on Dorney Common and in the fields adjacent to Wood Lane from March until September.


• Groundwater levels remained high despite surrounding areas returning to normal summer levels.


• Residents throughout the village reported water ingress in their homes/outbuildings with water pooling in their gardens.


• TW discharged high concentration ammonia into stream on 9th July for 18 hours due to contractor error.


• Visible solids were noted in Roundmoor on 12th August following short duration summer storm.


• Stream flows/quality were affected by vegetation in late summer.  Long delays and confusion were experienced as the EA would not engage with landowners/residents to understand concerns or agree riparian responsibilities.  They insist material removed should be collected by costly licenced waste contractors due to contamination.


We are facing another predicted wet winter.  The EA have failed to fully investigate discharge routes, simply stating the Jubilee River proposal is ‘not appropriate’.  TW have no option but to discharge storm sewage into Roundmoor after only three days of ‘steady’ rain.  The issues also highlight problems for the future;   Slough STW may be able to treat high sewage volumes as a result of increased planning/climate change but our village streams cannot cope with increased 100% treated or untreated storm effluent.


On 30th October, RBWM held their monthly Cabinet meeting at the Village Hall.  TW, EA, Slough and South Bucks Councils, parish councils and landowners were invited to attend. We were given the opportunity to submit a statement with requested actions, highlighting the effect their processes, decisions and actions have on our village. The statement can be viewed here.


All parties are expected to present their detailed answers at the forthcoming Public Meeting. Residents will also have the opportunity to raise their concerns and question RBWM, TW and the EA.


We hope residents affected by the many issues will be able to attend the Public Meeting.


The Public Meeting will be held at 7.30pm in the Village Hall on Monday 1st December, 2014.

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